• Image of Death Dedication "Red Bird" c21

Put all your resentment, betrayal, and fear of the unknown into half-drunk cans of Coors and push them in a shopping cart you found deserted by the side of meth-burnt trailer in rural Indiana through a cemetary filled with crumbling headstones until you reach the top of the hill. Take off your sweat-drenched clothes and fold them neatly on top of the heaping cart of cans. Place your wallet, keys, phone, and pocket change on top of the pile. Look down the hill at the dirty river and let go of the cart. Watch it bounce, spill, jump, flip over, and sink into the water. Sit down and close your eyes. Listen to the hum of the highway traffic until you fall asleep burning in the hot sun.
Recorded in 2017
Released by Angst in 2018
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